A retrospective and epidemiological survey of patients with esophagus cancer in Ilam city during a 10 years period

hamed zarei, hamed Tavan


Background: esophagus cancer is the sixth deadly cancer among other types with high rate of death which has made it one of the common cancers. Based on what mentioned, this retrospective study was designed to assess the tumor incidence rate in a 10 years period in Ilam city.

Materials and methods: this is a retrospective study during 1385 till 1394 in Ilam city. Our source of patients was the afflicted patients. The sample size and the statistical society of research were determined based on census. The research materials included of two types first included the demographic information of patients (age, gender, tumor type, level of education, residency, smoking and lipid profile) and the second part was some information about the esophagus cancer (anatomical site, pathologic findings and lipid profile).using SPSS version 19, the data was analyzed.

Results: the statistical society included 150 individuals afflicted with esophagus cancer in which the most prevalent age group was men older than 70 years (31.3%). In terms of anatomical site, the middle third of esophagus had 75 cases (50%), the last third had 45 cases (30%) and the first third had 30 (20%) individuals. Furthermore, as time went on, the number of new cases increased.

Conclusion: the risk factors for occurring the cancer were the age group greater than 70 years, being male, lower educational situation, unemployment, living in an urban areas, smoking, hereditary, hyperlipidemia (LDL, TG, CHOL) and finding tumor in middle third of esophagus (because of existing helicobacter pylori virus and impropriate diet). Being able to identify endangered people, one could begin treating patients and thereby, saving time, cost and increasing the rate of survivors.   

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DOI (PDF (Full Text)): http://dx.doi.org/10.22034/APJCC.2017.2.1.11


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