The effect of protocol- based education on number of errors in radiotherapy

hamed zarei, Sahar Sheikholeslami



The education in every field of science is important and plays a vital role. It may happen during radiotherapy some errors that may have detrimental effects on treatment outcome. We designed this study to investigate the effect of using a protocol on range of errors.   

Materials and Methods

A check list including 5 sets of errors was designed to investigate whether having a certain protocol has any effect on workflow. To reach that, 106 patient profiles compiled randomly to ascertain those five factors in two radiotherapy and oncology centers.


Based on concluded data from statistical analyze, all 5 factors including MU, shield, coach rotation, field size and second phase had a significant changes in terms of statistic (p<0.05).


Education has utmost importance in any type of skill, especially when it comes to patients’ affairs. Radiotherapy, however, has its errors sets in which the rate of human uncertainty must be reduced. Furthermore, having certain rules based on every one has his or her kind of responsibility, seems to be essential.

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