Thyroid dysfunction in type 1 diabetes mellitus in an Iranian elderly woman

siamak Rashidi


Type 1 Diabetes mellitus (T1DM) and thyroid dysfunction consider as main metabolic and endocrine disorders. In previous studies, individuals with T1DM were susceptible to Thyroid disorders. The prevalence of clinical and subclinical Thyroid dysfunction have noticeable importance especially regarding women and their related stigma.  The presented survey, a case-control study evaluated the thyroid dysfunction among T1DM elderly women referred to diabetes clinic of Tohid Hospital in Sanandaj city. The whole blood samples were attained from all individuals and then the following tests were done: fasting blood-sugar (FBS), Serum TSH, anti-Thyroperoxidase (Anti-TPO) and Free T4. The prevalence of Thyroid disorder in examined patients was 17 percent and autoimmune Thyroid dysfunction disorder, that examined by positive test-result of Anti-TPO showed up in 10.2 percent of patients. Prevalence of sub-clinical Hypothyroidism was 13.2 percent; the clinical Hypothyroidism  were 7.3 percent. Based on our data 2.9 percent of T1DM have sub-clinical Hyperthyroidism and 1.4 percent have clinical Hyperthyroidism. In our study, increased TSH level and existence of Anti-TPO in TIDM patients might be regarded as an additional TIDM problem in studied disease. This study confirmed the association between autoimmune Thyroid dysfunction (based on positive Serum-test of Anti-TPO) and T1DM.

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