The effect of Curcumin in Combination Chemotherapy with 5-FU on non-Malignant Fibroblast cells

Azim Akbarzadeh Khiyavi


Curcumin has long been known to possess therapeutic properties and recent research have shown that it can inhibit malignant cell proliferation in vivo and in vitro. However, studies on combination therapy with curcumin and chemotherapeutic drugs are so limited. With this regard, we studied the effect of curcumin on toxicity of 5-Flouracil(5-FU) in treatment of normal fibroblasts in vitro using L929 (nonmalignant fibroblast cell) cell line. Curcumin in the doses of 5 and 15 µM was used. First control groups treated to curcumin, alone while second control groups received chemotherapeutic drug, separately. Experimental groups received curcumin in combination with 5-Flouracil. Cell viability were measured after 24, 48, and 72h through MTT method. Statistical differences were analyzed by ANOVA test. At all studied times in combination cases (curcumin+5-FU) with increasing concentration of curcumin, toxicity was decreased. Indeed, curcumin in combination with 5-Fu in low concentration inhibited the effect of 5-FU (p<0.05). , it can be concluded that curcumin in combination therapy with 5-FU may induce lower toxicity in normal cells and reduce possible side effects.

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