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The 12th APOCP Regional Conference

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11/16/2018 8:00am
11/18/2018 6:00pm
Sichuan Cancer Center

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"The 12th APOCP Regional Conference, 16-18 Nov. 2018, Chengdu , Sichuan, China. "

Regional conferences are the ad hoc events normally held in the request of our regional or country representative. The first APOCP regional meeting was held in 2003 in Izmir, Turkey and the latest one was in Tehran, Iran 2015.  The 12 APOCP regional meeting will be held in Chengdu, Sichuan. The program includes a session in both Chinese and English. The event is hosted by  Sichuan Cancer Center and Cancer Foundation of China.  Download meetings highlights as a presentation file.

The Meeting  Main Information:








The 12th Asia-Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention (APOCP)

Regional Conference

November 16-18, 2018

Sichuan Cancer Center, Chengdu, China


16:00 pm – 18:00 pm, Tuesday, November 16

XXX Hotel

Welcome Reception

18:00pm – 20:00pm, Tuesday, November 16

Main Conference


8:00am – 6:00pm, Wednesday, November 17 and 18

APOCP Regional Conference Session


1:30pm – 6:00pm, Wednesday, November 17

APOCP Regional Conference Session

Session 1: National Cancer Control (1:30 pm -3:40 pm)

Co-chair by Drs. You-Lin Qiao and Sue K. Park

1:30 pm – 1:40 pm


Jing-Yi Lang,Ping Zhao


1:40 pm – 2:10 pm

Cancer control initiatives in Asian-Pacific regions

Keun-Young Yoo


2:10 pm – 2:40 pm

Cancer burden and cancer control initiatives in Japan

 Manami Inoue


2:40 pm – 3:10 pm

Quality assurance in cancer screening program



3:10pm – 3:25pm

Q&A and Panel discussion



3:25pm – 3:40pm

Coffee Break



Session 2: Organ specialize prevention (3:40 pm-6:00 pm)

Co-chair by Malcolm Moore and Kazuo Tajima

3:40pm – 4:10pm

Challenges and solution to implementing cervical cancer screening programs in LMICs

Fang-Hui Zhao


4:10pm – 4:40pm

Challenges and solution to implementing breast cancer screening programs in LMICs

Alireza Mosavi Jarrahi


4:40pm – 5:10pm

Esophageal cancer prevention and early detection



5:10pm- 5:40pm

Screening for lung cancer – controversies and consensus



5:40pm – 5:55pm

Q&A and Panel discussion



5:55pm – 6:00pm


Fang-Hui Zhao


6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Group Dinner

All faculties


City tourGiant panda park

Or departure

8:00am – 6:00pm, Thursday, November 16




The venue 

Holiday Inn Hotel
West building, No. 208 century city road, High-tech zone, Chengdu, Sichuan province


Contact Person: 

MS. Ting-Yuan Li (Sichuan Cancer Center):

E-mail:LTYuan007@sina.com;Tel:028-85420447;   Mobile telephone:+86 18800197211

Ms. Remila (CICAMS):

E-mail: ramila513@126.com;   Tel.+8610-87788444; Mobile telephone:+86 13683392347








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