APJCP has been serving scientists living mainly in countries of Asia, Africa, and South America where many low resource or poor countries are located. The journal has been receiving many requests from prospective authors (mainly students who want to publish their thesis results) to waive or provide some discounts for processing fee (The APJCP’s processing fee is 150 to 200 US dollars depending on the country of residence).


The minimal charge of 150 to 200 USA dollars barely covers the cost of maintenance and routine activities of the journal (in-house reviewing, production, English editing, XML production and validation, software and server cost, and editorial office maintenance, etc..) leaving no room for editorial office to waive or partially waive the processing fee for authors who cannot afford to pay. For this, we have set up a donation fund and seek help from any donor to help our authors.


There are two ways that one can donate:


  • 1)  By major international credit cards, Please send us an email at Journal@waocp.org and state the amount that you want to contribute, an invoice will be mailed to you from our financial contractor (EpiSmart Science Vector).

2)  Through international banking and wiring please send us an email at Journal@waocp.org to provide you the account details and information.

  • Any donation will be acknowledged on the journal website and the manuscript acknowledgment section (subject to the consent of the corresponding author who receives the fund).

    Raise fund for APJCP

    There is another way that you can raise money for APJCP.  WAOCP has developed a Virtual Fund Raising Bazar or “the Bazar”. The Bazar is a virtual market, a place that you can have your commodities exposed and sell online. WAOCP will connect you to the international monetary system. You can utilize WAOCP’s PayPal and Credit Card to sell your product and collect money AND donate part of the collected money to APJCP.  To participate in the virtual fundraising bazaar, please send email to info@waocp.org and tell us what you are planning to put on sale!!


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